History Of Mareham-Le-Fen

The Last Fifty Years
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The last fifty years have seen huge changes to the village and the way of life within the village,by the end of the 1950s the last of the heavy horses had gone, ,the blacksmith had become a welder rather than blacksmith and the village by then had two garages, it still had three pubs two butchers,two bakers a separate post office and two general stores

By the end of the sixty's the harvest was gathered by a combine harvester the last of the binders sheaves of corn and steam thrashing machines had gone ,this meant less people employed in agriculture ,
Many more people especially the young looked further away for jobs many leaving the village permanently.

By the end of the seventy's the changes on the farms had increased with larger combines ,corn being dried in huge driers,the introduction of new crops i.e. oilseed rape,

Irrigation of crops such as potatoes, became common practice the harvesting of potatoes being done by machines to be taken to the farm to be processed,
In the 80s and ninety's changes in farming continued ,with new skills needed gone was the need for wagoner's ,labourer's who could sharpen and use a scythe or build a corn stack.
with more cars people did their shopping in towns resulting in both bakery's ,one garage,one general store and one pub having to close and the post office combining with the remaining store.
There was significant building of new houses in the 90s many people moving from the southern county's to retire in the village which has had both positive and negative impact on the village