History Of Mareham-Le-Fen

First World War

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MEN of Mareham-le-fen

Like almost every town and village in the country, Men from Mareham-le-fen joined the forces at the outbreak of and during the first World War.
As with other villages, Mareham-le-fen lost some of its men,
This was at a time when the population was half of today's, even though the family's tended to be larger then, this meant that everyone knew everyone else in the village, so the lose of a son or a husband, became not just a family loss but a village loss.

There were a total of 80 men who joined up in WW1, fifteen of them did not survive
Of those that did return, some came back with lost limbs or other wounds.

Some and probably all, had a change to their view of the world, especially as the government of this land, fit for hero's to live in, did very little for returning soldiers.

Some must have suffered what was then described as shell shock and would now be described as post traumatic stress syndrome, this would no doubt have depended in which theater of war they were in and what their position was
For instance my Grandfather was in Egypt , he looked after horses for the officers and saw very little if any action, his brother, my great uncle was on the Western front and was killed in action

On the following pages There are

The story of a battle which took the life of at least one of Mareham-le-fen's Soldiers

A description of the unimaginable dangers and conditions of a Soldier who survived

The philosophy and story's told by another Soldier who survived

Recollections by villagers of some of the WW1 soldiers together with my own of those I knew