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How Relatives of Mareham soldiers were informed of Loss in WW1

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Mareham soldier who was fatally wounded in the last days of WW1
Picture of soldier Padley
A Mareham-le-fen soldier, Charles William Padley recieved wounds in battle on the 8th or 9th of November 1918 He was sent to an American field unit for treatment to his leg wound and from there to a hospital in Glasgow His parent went to visit by train from Tumby woodside to Lincoln and from there to Glasgow He assured his parents he was alright but he may lose his leg because of gangrene sometime later his parents again set out to visit him but on arriving at lincoln station they were given a message to say there son had died When they arrived home the telegram sent to inform them of is death said Padley Died this morning, Matron in 1919 his parents received a letter to say they were entitled to four pounds Sixteen shillings