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Mareham-le-fen late1800s
John Effield in 1862
Wood dealer. Mareham-le-fen, was upon the information of PC Knight mulcted(extract money from (someone) by fine) in a penalty of two shillings and 6pence
For unlawfully erecting a gate which opened outwards on to the main road.

John Robert Trafford Born 1883 (date of offence unknown
Farmers Son of Mareham-le-fen was summoned for riding a waggon drawn by two horses without reins
at Wildmore on March 3rd.
PC Brooke proved the case and there being a previous conviction, the defendant was fined 5s and 4s

Samual Hodson(10 John Arnold Hodson,(12) of Claxby Pluckacre and Joseph Thorndyke(9) of Moorby
Were summoned By John Hardy,Farmer, of Moorby, for committing damage to glass and woodwork in an empty house at Moorby to the amount of 16s on Febuary 5th.
PC Harness spoke to the boys, who addmitted they broke some of the windows and woodwork.
In all 95 panes had been brokenbut not all by the defendants
fined 1s 6d, damages 1s, cost 1s 6d each

March 1833
Carlisle and the relationship to mareham-le-fen R HODGSON Dean of Carlisle,Vicar of Burgh-by-sands, Rector of St. Georges, Hanover square and vicar of Hillington
E.Goodenough Prebend of Carlisle, Westminster and York, Vicar of Wath all Saints on Dean,
Chaplain of Adwick and Chaplain of Brampton
S.J.Goodenough Prebend of Carlisle,Rector of Broughton Poges, Vicar of Hampton, Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Cumberland.

Wm Goodenough Archdeacon of Carlisle, RECTOR OF MAREHAM-LE-FEN and Rector of Great Salkirk.
Note these men were brothers and all had more than one church from which they drew an income,
although in some cases they never visited the church, in the case of Wm Goodenough, he did receive a letter addressed to him at Mareham-le-fen Church, the contents of the letter is unknown but the envelope still survives and is displayed in the photo album under documents
A Times report 1833
The above are a goodley company and if riches be truly the bar to Heaven, their chances of passing the needles eye is certainly as small as that of a camel spoken of in a certain book they profess to teach.
It is not our intention to inquire into the incomes of these dignitaries; but they are pretty considerable
It may be worthwile to contrast their saleries and the saleries they award to those who really work, with moneys they receive from livings.
The tithes received by the Dean & chapter for Hesket amount to £1500 a year ; The curate who does the duty receives £18-5s a year
To the minor canons who do the cathedral duty receive 6s-8d a year
On the score of Dr R Hodgson, with four valuable pieces of preferment, in four different parts of the country where is he now not at St. Georges, or Hillington is in Cumberland at the place upon the sands? would he were stranded there.
The gentleman has landed in our city and is preaching the church is in peril;