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Records from 1800s

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The following were all listed in Moor Side of Moore Side.
Wilson, George, Ag lab – 4 occupants
Hutton, Thomas, Wood dealer – 13 occupants [2 adults and 11 children ranging from 1 – 23 years old]
Gipson, Joseph, Ag lab –4 occupants
James Parker, Ag lab – 6 occupants
Robert Atkin, Farmer – 2 occupants
William Farnsworth, Ag lab – 3 occupants
Samuel Gosling, Ag lab – 7 occupants
Sarah Atkinson, Cottager – 3 occupants
Penrose Buffham, Ag lab – 2 occupants
John Dawson, Ag lab –2 occupants
Matthew Kime, Ag lab – 1 occupant

This is followed by Red Lane and then Birkwood Lane
George Sarjantsen, Cottager– 6 occupants
Joseph Parker, Farmer – 10 occupants
James Parker, Carrier – 4 occupants
Johnson– 1 occupant
Mary Gipson, widow –5 occupants including grandson – Henry Gipson – Sadler – Harness maker
Sarah Dawson, widow, Farmer of 5.5 acres – 4 occupants – including Henry and William Dawson both Woodkeepers
Charles Fletcher, Ag lab – 5 occupants
Thomas Ellis, Farmer of 6 acres – 4 occupants
This is followed by Brid(g)e House occupied by Jackson then High Street.{corner of moorside /mainroasd}

The following were all listed in Moor Side .
Geographically following The Field, 2 dwellings [one next to Moorside occupied by Robert Ranshaw and family – wood dealer].
Henry Padley, Wood labourer– 4 occupants
Tomas Hutton, Wood dealer – 3 occupants
James Parker, Ag lab – 3 occupants
Robert Dawson, Woodkeeper– 2 occupants
Henry Gipson, Wood labourer/Woodman– 6 occupants – Woodman
Charles Fletcher, Ag. lab –4 occupants
Robert Hodgson, farmer of 40 acres– 6 occupants – Farmer
This is followed by Bridge House occupied by Sharpe
Also listed is Moor lane – 1 dwelling occupied by John Dawson, Ag lab –5 occupants.
It lies between Front Street and Birkwood Lane [ I think this is the lane from the Main Road down to the wood now refered to aswoodlane ]
Note the property, nearest Moorside, known as The Field and occupied by Robert Ranshaw Wood dealer, is most likely to refer to primrose cottage.
1891 The following were all listed in Moor Side of Moore Side. Geographically following Bridge House.
Robert Hodgson, Farmer 50 acres – 6 occupants
Charles Fletcher, Ag lab – 3 occupants
Robert Dawson, Woodkeeper –3 occupants
Henry Gipson, Ag lab – 3 occupants
James Parker, Ag lab – 3 occupants
William Hutton, Wood higler– 4 occupants including George Hutton – Wood higler
Robert Ranshaw, Wood dealer – timber – 5 occupants
This is followed by Toft Urn –2 properties – occupied by Smith and Bannister
families, both Ag labs, probably the Lane from Bontofts to the Grange, then comes Field Side.