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Titus Kimes Family

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Became famous as a result of their son TITUS , exposing the potato scam

1851 Census
4 households with 20 persons, no addresses given.
TITUS KIME, aged 2.
MATTHEW KIME aged 47, gen. Lab, wife SUSANNA, 41.
Sons FRANCIS, 13, JOHN, 10, MATTHEW 4, Daughter MARIA, 8.
1861 Census 7 households, on Front Street, Water Lane, Moor Side, The Green
17 persons. TITUS, 12, scholar, living on Front Street. MATTHEW 55 living Moor Side, ag lab, born Mareham-le-Fen, only person in house.
SUSAN, 51 is on Front Street.
MARIA, 16 also in another house on Front Street.
1871 Census 4 houses on High Street and Moorhouses 15 persons.
MATTHEW age 67, woolwinder/faggot maker, his wife SUSAN aged 53, daughter MARIA 27, grandson Samuel 2.
TITUS 22, High Street, Grocers Asst. son of Thomas Kime, Grocer & Draper
1881 Census four houses on Front Street five persons
SUSAN 71,Titus 32, caskmaker, son of JANE a widow.
1891 three houses on Main Street 4 persons
TITUS 42 maried to Georgina, corn/cake and seed merchant