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1919 Peace celebrations(photos can be seen in the photo album)

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Mareham-le-Fen War Memorial to take the form of a Parish Hall and a Committee was formed to raise £ 500.
A Grand Fete was held on Wednesday 16th July 1919.
Major Ellwood DSO M.C., John C. Hodson, Rev. F. O. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Johnson subscribed £40.
Free plum cake and bread and butter tea to all.
Sports held in Manor House Gardens and field. A brass band had been started and a jazz band organised to lead the procession round the village.
Several lads in the procession, nearly all sporting gay colours and fancy dress.
Procession went to Harry Johnsons field, and visited Wilfred Johnson (a war victim).
The procession reformed and went on its way, to the Manor House grounds for tea for the children.
Later tea for adults.
There were sport, it rained.