About The Mareham-Le-Fen Site

When and why this site was built

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The domain name Mareham-le-fen.co.uk
was registered in 1999 when it was discovered that a large commercial firm was registering village names all over the country, by the end of that year this site was launched,
In 2008 there has been in excess of 140,000 unfortunately the site was brought down by hackers and counters were reset to zero.
The logs show that most of the visitors are from America ,Uk and European union, between them these represent about 75% of visitors but surprisingly among the visitors there has been 633 visitors from the United Arab Emirates,156 from South Korea,95 from Turkey,51 from Russia and 39 from Chile as well as visits from Australia Canada and other country's normally associated with the UK

in some cases people have contacted me trying to find relatives or ancestors ,or they have some link with the village i.e.  An American use to lodge with  A Mrs Spiking's main Road Mareham-le-fen A south African had an Aunt, Mrs Grundy who lived at woodman's cottage Field side in the 1950-60, the people who lived in Mariners cottage main road now live in America etc.
The picture of Hannah Gipsons Sampler needlework in the photo album was sent to me by the American owner. All aspects of this site is free to local people to advertise their services/events or to show their photographs to the world, people do look
The current date of this page is January 2015, the site is being updated over the coming weeks
The number of photographs has increased thanks to items that I have been given by people who have lived in the village or have connections with the village and Photographs uploaded by Alan Hodgson and Mr.Shead If you have any suggestions or comments please use the contact button